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Monday, January 23, 2012

Conference Call - Sun Jan. 22, 2012 - Conference Call Etiquette and What is the "Fullness"?

Scripture Lesson:  Colossians 2nd Chapter

This called opened up with some very necessary housekeeping - so please take the righteous indignation for what it is - I make no apologies for my tone.  This conference call has a nucleus group that typically participates in the discussions and others who just "listen in" and this would not be a problem and no one is required to participate in the discussion.  However, if you "listen in" on someone else's discussion and never give them the courtesy of knowing you are on the line that is akin to "spying" "voyeurism" and "craftiness".  No one should have to be that "discreet" to not be able to announce that they are on a conference call.  What is the reason for the discreetness?   So, everyone (excluding no one) is required to, at least, announce that they are on the call.  This is spiritual intercourse and just as in the natural you should not be intercoursing with someone you don't know or are not familiar with and I do not desire to do so in the spirit.  If I, and others on this line, are continually and graciously sharing our knowledge of Yahshua the Messiah with those on the call, then everyone should at least be respectful enough to acknowledge they are on the call to receive the sacrifice others are offering up!  This conference call is so that we commune in the spirit and we would hope that all on the line would be willing to share the lamb!  The rest of the discussion was a follow-up from last week's call on the "Five Fullnesses" and we discussed more in depth the question of What is the "fullness"?  Listen to the entire discussion here . . .

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