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Monday, March 28, 2011

Conferencee Call - March 27, 2011 - The Repetition of Yahweh's Purpose

Scripture Lesson:  Judges 2nd Chapter

This discussion was drawn from the events in Judges 2nd Chapter and how the Children of Israel "gradually" moved away from their worship of Yahweh to taking on the worship idol worship of the nations Joshua (correctly "Yahshua") left in Caanan's Land (symbolical of heaven) to try them.  A generation grew up of the Children of Israel that knew not Yahweh and neither the works that he had done for the Children of Israel taking them from their bondage in Egypt and caring for them 40 years in the Wilderness of Sinai.  The Children of Israel had not rehearsed or repeated the testimony of Yahweh to their children and these things were forgotten.  Just as now the people in IDMR no longer remember or care to talk about the very things they once valued in this teaching and instead prefer the idol worship of Henry Clifford Kinley and worshipping the creature above the creator.   Also read and discussed at length was "Minster's Meeting Summary" (dated 6/84-4/86 by Dr. Robert Harris) which describes how the ministry should be conducting themselves and the doctrine of the school - which none of these things are adhered to currently by the majority of the ministers in I.D.MR., including Dr. Robert Harris.  Listen to the entire discussion here . . .


Conference Call - March 24, 2011 - Signs of the End of the Age Matthew 24

Scripture Lesson:  Matthew 24th Chapter

This was an intense discussion of Matthew 24th Chapter and how that was "supposed to be" the focus of I.D.M.R. approaching the Universal Revelation of Yahshua from heaven.  This discussion was very thorough and a lot of points were brought out as to how to interpret Matthew 24th Chapter.  It can be explained according to the pattern:  Court-Round-About (physical interpretation); Holy Place (spiritual interpretation); and Most Holy Place (psychological interpretation) - all of these explanations would be correct depending on where someone is in their understanding and what they are able to digest based on their spiritual maturity level.  Not everyone can eat or handle meat spiritually and psychologically.  Listen to the entire discussion here . . .


Monday, March 21, 2011

Conference Call - March 20, 2011 - Earth's Birthing Pains

Scripture Lesson:  2 Peter 3rd Chapter

This discussion was about the physical, pyschological and spiritual events that are taking place On and In the Earth showing forth where we are in the purpose of Yahweh.  The earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the subsequent threat of the nuclear plant meltdown all are the beginning of a domino affect that will eventually end up at our doorstep.  We should all be more diligent at making our own personal calling and election sure so as to insulate ourselves from what is inevitable.  These perilous times will not just hit those across the world they will eventually hit home and we all need to prepare ourselves mentally and psychologically more so than making physical preparations.  Listen to the entire discussion here . . .


Friday, March 18, 2011

Conference Call - March 17, 2011 - A Shadow of Heavenly Things

Scripure Lesson:  2 Chronicles 28th Chapter

This was a discussion about how Solomon's Temple was symbolic of the Heavenly Kingdom or Spiritual Kingdom that is eternal in the heavens.  How Solomon's Temple the instructions and substance for its building were given to David as King of Israel but it was told to him by Yahweh-Elohim that he would not build Yahweh a house it would be built by his son, Solomon.  This was a complete detailed explanation of the allegorical comparison of Solomon's Temple to the Kingdom of Heaven.  Listen to the explanation and the discussion that followed here . . .


Monday, March 14, 2011

Conference Call - March 13, 2011 - Signs Appearing in the Heavens

Scripture Lesson:  I Corinthians 3rd Chapter

This was a discussion following the reading of a transcript of a lecture given by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley entitled, "Future Existence of Man" the date and location that this lecture took place are unknown.  The lecture contains some very profound revelations given by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley being the existence of a 10th planet circling the other 9 planets, that he had recently learned he had 3 kidneys (which is a medical anomaly but is a documented medical condition), he endeavors to bring the hearers to the understanding that the heaven and earth must pass away and a new heaven and new earth will be established and we will be transformed with an immortal body to accompany the immortal spirit that we NOW have operating in us! 
Listen to the entire discussion here . .

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Conference Call - March 10, 2011 Old Covenant vs New Covenant

Scripture Lesson:  Hebrews 9th Chapter

This was a discussion about the still vaguely understood by those in Judeo-Christiandom and as well as many in IDMR which is, "The mission of Yahshua the Messiah was to fulfill carnal ordinances, moving them out of the way, having triumphed over them and ushering in an Age of Grace by the outpouring of the holy spirit on the Day of Pentecost."  It was a discussion that took a lot of twists and turns but it was extremely edifying and well-worth the 3-hour call!  Listen to the entire discussion here . . .


Unknown Phenomenon Appearing in the Heavens (HCK mentions this)

Excerpt from God the Archetype, by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley, copyright 1961, Comparative Exegetical Analysis, page 41

3. Here lies the ANSWER and TRUE FACTS in the case. The very existence of the UNIVERSE, itself, and limited scientific KNOWLEDGE of its cosmographical structure and perpetual operation of its "Incorporeal and Material" parts actually proves that it is DERIVED from UNIVERSAL SPIRIT - and that it IS controlled with unerring accuracy by inviolable and unobstructable SPIRIT LAW. For example, Man, from his very earliest inception until this present time, cannot point out ONE single error or miscarriage of this infallible and ALMIGHTY SPIRIT LAW.

Year after year the planets still continue to operate in the same way, constantly bringing about day and night and the seasons of the year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. By no possible chance or error have they ever been removed from their orbit, bumped into each other and exchanged day for night or disrupted the primordial order of the seasons. It is possible that “phenomenon” heretofore unknown to mankind may appear to us in or among the Heavenly bodies for the first time in history; but no one can proclaim with justification or prove that this phenomenal parade in the ethereal space of the Universe is an error or miscarriage of the Universal SPIRIT LAW, because it was and still is only our IGNORANCE of this presence and the true fundamental principles involved in the operation. Neither can anyone truthfully say that the "thought vibrations" of ALL living creatures impressed upon the presumed to exist, SUBCONSCIOUS MIND had anything to do with their existence, categorical operation, and timely phenomenal manifestation.

This very same immutable SPIRIT LAW which formed and caused the seed of the fruit and vegetable kingdoms to exist controls the survival and perpetuation of these "kingdoms" through the Ages by the direct process of periodical maturity and reproduction. But MIND, whatsoever IT IS said to BE, had absolutely nothing to do with the origin of the seeds or the mathematical calculation as to how many different varieties there was to be in existence, nor their natural characteristics and adaptation to environments. For example: The farmer plants the seed in the "ground" and goes away and lets it alone. His concentrated thought vibrations and impressions" upon his, presumed to exist, SUBCONSCIOUS MIND will not effect the productive capacities or quality of the seed or promote the maturity of the fruit and vegetables. However, after he plants his seeds he lets them alone and, if NOT OTHERWISE OBSTRUCTED, they will grow into fruition in abundance. At this point let us completely remove the farmer from the case and discuss the seed and the ground.

Now, can it be truthfully said that the seeds of vegetation are CONSCIOUS of the fact that they are planted and they know how to appeal their case to the so-called powerful, ramified activity of the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to rear them to maturity? Or, is the ground CONSCIOUS of the fact that the seed is planted therein and IT immediately begins to involve the activity of the SUBC0NSCIOUS MIND to nurse the seeds to fruition? Let us recapitulate. Both you and I KNOW that MIND has absolutely nothing to do with what takes place on the part of the seeds themselves or the ground in which the seeds are planted. For example several comparisons with the three-fold Godhead and the so-called Great Master Mind" of the Universe etc., shall be made.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Conference Call - March 6, 2011 - Signs Appearing in the Heavens

Scripture Lesson:  Psalms 96 Division

This call was a continuation of last Sunday's call with a metaphysical discussion of the Book of Ezekiel and the sign in the heavens of two suns that are now appearing over China.  As well as the earth-size craft that have been spotted by NASA near the sun.  All these phenomena were on the table for discussion as to how they relate to the purpose of Yahweh.  Listen to the complete discussion below and visit the attached links for verification of these current phenomena appearing in the heavens.


NASA records HUGE earth-size UFOs seen near sun!!!

Watch our Sun destroy a large heavenly body headed toward earth with uncalculable percision!!!

Two suns are appearing over China - baffles scientists - major media outlets refuse to report story!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Conference Call - March 3, 2011 - Pattern or Plan of Salvation

Scripture Lesson:   I John 5th Chapter

This was an explanation and comments on the "Pattern or Plan of Salvation" as it is depicted on the Elementary Chart.  This is the record that was given to us so that we could have evidence of Yahshua's ability to save and overcome the world as it is explained in the scripture lesson.  This chart explains how Yahshua overcame the world and to give us confidence that with his quickening spirit in us he can overcome the world in us just as he has done all throughout the dispensations and ages.  Listen to the entire call here . . .


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Conference Call - February 24, 2011 Lesson No. 7 - The Effectiveness of the Gospel

Scripture Lesson - John 15th Chapter

We discussed the effectiveness of the gospel.  It is evident many have become dull of hearing and tired of the repetition of the gospel - not knowing the effectiveness of it.  We discussed how this was to strengthen our faith in Yahweh and the operation of his purpose.  The teaching was never to make us smart or think we were better than others.  It should have moved us to preach the glad tidings or "good news" to everyone we encounter, friend or enemy.  If you're given a gift and you don't appreciate it - most people take it and trade it in or exchange it for something else they prefer.  When you do that you never get to appreciate the gift that was initially given to you.   Listen to the complete discussion here . . .


Conference Call - February 27, 2011 - Help In My Unbelief

Scripture Lesson:      Ezekiel 14th Chapter

This discussion was about persistent "unfaithfulness" toward Yahweh  or lack of faith or unbelief.  This conversation was very fruitful and edifying.  As my spiritual sister, Grandma Deb Deb, was an invited guest on the call to discuss with us her spiritual walk and her true zeal and love for the brethren.  She was a lively addition to the conversation.  Everyone was edifying and truly edified from this holy conversation!  If you are needing an uplift and help in your unbelief -  Listen here to the complete discussion . . .