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Friday, February 11, 2011

Conference Call - February 10, 2011 Lesson No. 5 - The Divine Name

Scripture Lesson:   Exodus 3rd Chapter

This was an in depth explanation of the Divine Name ("Yahweh") and the honor given to those that are able to call the heavenly father by his true name.  We had a personal testimony regarding the significance of Yahweh's name and how it is no longer being regarded even in IDMR as they have left the reverence of Yahweh's name and are giving the name of "Henry Clifford Kinley" even greater significance than the only name under heaven that salvation is in "Yahshua" as Yahshua is a contraction that means "Yahweh the savior" or "Yahweh is salvation" as it was revealed to and declared by Isaiah in Isaiah 43:11, "I, even I, am Yahweh and beside me there is no savior."    Listen to the complete discussion here . . .


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