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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eyes on the Middle East Analysis and History By Allan Carter

I've found this discussion very interesting and informative to date and would like to toss a few thoughts out for additional discussion. In our efforts to understand the mystery of iniquity and how it is manifesting itself here during these end times, some interesting observations come to mind that I think are worth discussing, hopefully some of you might be able to provide greater clarity to some of these observations, that will help all of us in understanding the current world events in the context of Yahweh’s purpose more clearly. I was reflecting on some of the comments that have been posted regarding the ongoing crisis in Egypt and thought I would share some observations and solicit any additional insights that any of you may have about it. Egypt, at the time of Moses was equivalent to a super power of today as I see it, (for lack of a better way to describe right now) “all roads essentially led to Egypt, just all roads later and up to this present time lead to Rome.

In the global context, the Satanic spirit, knowing he has but a short time, right now is using everything in his arsenal to gain complete control over every aspect of life as we know it on earth, because he is a copy cat and is trying to emulate Yahweh. We see manifestations of his invisible presence operating in our assembly every day now.

Since the beginning of this age, he has been relentless in his subjugation and assimilation of nations and there resources, through military might, disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, psychological and economic warfare, space age technology, cyberspace, you name it, he has through his satanic host operating in men, engineered a global network of resources critical to his purpose of full spectrum dominance over all the Kingdoms of the earth. In researching the various mechanisms being used to accomplish his mission of global domination, one can only marvel at the power that Yahweh has given unto the beast to fulfill his purpose, we are certainly no match for him.

We all know that Egypt is a microcosm of the world in terms of the purpose of Yahweh. It is in the court round about according to the pattern. There are a number of events that appear to have precipitated the current situation we see playing out in Egypt. I’ve been trying to connect some of the dots. From what I see, this seemingly out of the blue call for greater freedom and democracy in Egypt, Tunisia and other places in the region, may not be the spontaneous and genuine political uprising that the media would like the world to believe. It is appears to be expertly choreographed, I say that because last year I started researching a strategy that has been successfully used in Eastern Europe by the U.S. military and its allies. Called color revolutions. It was used with great success in democratizing several former Soviet Satellite States who are now members or seeking membership in NATO. Spearheading this global march to dominate the resources and people of the world, is the United States and its allies, who have clearly given their power to the beast man of sin.

This strategy called Color Revolutions or Swarming Coups was created by the U.S. based RAND Corporation’s military strategists for the purpose of engineering democracy in non democratic countries through the ballot box and civil disobedience. Take Serbia, for example: this strategy was used successfully there (based on the information I’ve been able to find), to overthrow former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic. Behind the seeming spontaneity of the street uprising that forced him to step down from office was a carefully researched strategy, implemented by Serbian democracy activists with the active assistance of Western advisers. The Serbian resistance leaders were trained in non violent resistance, the organization of rallies and strikes, communication techniques that teach how to undermine the authority of a dictatorial regime. The Serbians were trained to use modern networking technologies that connected people like swarming bees. Using GPS satellites images, special agents could direct their handpicked, specially trained leaders on the ground to maneuver “spontaneous” hit and run protests that allow them to elude the police or military who would try to shut them down. They would spray paint anti government rhetoric on buildings, pass out thousands of leaflets, create banners for the protesters and incite anarchy. They allegedly utilized groups referred to as soldiers, who would take over city blocks, utilizing what are referred to as “intelligence helmets” with video screens that gave them an instantaneous overview of their environment in the targeted protest areas. Global Media outlets such as CNN would be utilized to broadcast the uprisings on TV, giving the illusion that it is a grass roots people’s movement that started on its own.

Using these high tech capabilities that had only emerged in the mid 90’s, a handful of trained leaders could rapidly steer rebellious and suggestive youth hungry for the freedoms enjoyed in Western nations in and out of mass demonstrations at will, bringing about what appears to be a spontaneous social movement of the people, with the end result being non-violent regime change in the target country. Through slick Madison Ave. style marketing techniques and careful study of genuine protest movements, the U.S. has in effect perfected the techniques for democratically getting rid of any opponent, while convincing the world they were brought down by spontaneous outbursts for freedom. There have been reports that allegedly came out in the wiki leak probe, that stated in one of the leaks, that the democratic revolution in Egypt was initially scheduled to occur, but was postponed, I have not verified this allegation.

The Middle East and Africa as a hole are the most important part of any effort to consolidate control over the world resources, because of the abundant resources such as oil, natural gas, minerals, etc., in that region of the world. The Satanic spirit knows that , he who controls the resources of the world, ie., money, property, food, water, oil, coal, minerals etc., controls the people of the world.

We know that because Yahweh declared the end from the beginning, the purpose of Yahweh, must end in this location of the world, because it is where it all began. The U.S. and its allied power projections into Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas of this region appear to be motivated from a natural stand point by the tremendous amount of these resources. For example Afghanistan, is sitting on an ocean of natural gas and over a trillion dollars in minerals, essential to the creation and maintenance of the many technologies we take for granted today that help drive the global economy. In addition it has strategic impotence, in that it sits in a vital location, straddling South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. It also lays along a proposed pipeline route from the Caspian Sea oil fields to the Indian ocean, where several U.S. based oil companies along with Halliburton, have been trying to negotiate for exclusive pipeline routes to bring natural gas from former Soviet Satellite state,Turkmenistan across Afghanistan and Pakistan to a huge U.S. owned natural gas power plant near Mumbai.

By instigating wars and conflicts to facilitate regime change in countries in the Middle east and around the world, Satan and his demons, through vessels, gain power over the economies and resources and the people of these nations. In exchange for access to resources Super powers like the U.S. or Russia or China, go in and throw money at corrupt dictators for long term contracts and offer to build infrastructure, roads highways, hospitals, hydro dams, electrical grids, etc., we essentially provide them with 20th century technology and huge loans that the countries will never be able to pay back, thus ensuring access to that nations resources and the subjugation or economic slavery of its people for the foreseeable future.
The ultimate aim of the military actions in the Middle East, right now, appear to be for the purpose of establishing a strong land based military presence in the region to thwart any nation or group of nations that might decide to challenge for power in this strategically important areas. Based on press reports, by 2006 the U.S. established 14 permanent military bases in Iraq, a country only twice the size of Idaho. In 2004 in Afghanistan, agreements were reached that would allow the U.S. to build 9 permanent military bases in addition to (I think 4) that were already there since 2001.

This power projection has positioned the U.S. to directly threaten Russia and China as well as Iran and other oil-rich Middle East countries. In addition to the frequent troop deployments, these newly acquired bases are being used for pre-positioning military equipment for the purpose of rapid deployment. We have also pre-positioned extensive military equipment for a in Kuwait, along with a tank battalion and other resources in Qatar. The buildup of bases in this region, along with 3 additional bases established in former Soviet republics of Central Asia, are viewed by both Russia and China as a threat to their security.

Where this is all going in terms of the purpose of Yahweh, seems obvious. It simply confirms that we are in the last prophetic seconds of Yahweh’s purpose here in the material realm and we are very close to that appointed time to go home.

As always, your comment or observations are always welcome

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