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Friday, April 8, 2011

"Observations on Evolution and its Relation to Progressivism" by Allan Carter

>> Over the last few years I’ve been researching the subject of
EVOLUTION and its significance in the purpose of Yahweh as it relates to
the mystery of iniquity. Of the books I’ve read on the subject, one book
in particular I found myself continually drawn back to because of its
clarity and the powerful points brought out that argue against the
validity of evolution as a viable explanation for the existence of the
universal creation. The book is titled: THE COLLAPSE OF EVOLUTION,
written by Scott M. Huse third edition 1997. In the book Scott brings
out some interesting and powerful points that I thought were worth
sharing and expanding upon in the context of Yahweh’s purpose as I
understand it.
>> As I examined the concept of evolution, I began to see significant
parallels between the erroneous teaching of evolution and the erroneous
doctrine of progressivism, as taught by the current leadership of the
IDMR. As a result of sharing my observations with all of you, I fully
expect that there will be many of our progressive brethren who will take
offence to the observations I have made. However rather than pouting
about it and labeling me as the villain, I would like to encourage them,
to come forward and refute the points of contention I am making
reference to in this document. If they feel that what I have stated is
untrue, I encourage them to provide a written response supported by the
scriptures. In other words, I want them to stand up for their
progressive doctrine and refute my findings! Any other observations or
opinions that anyone else may have on this subject, good or bad, are
also welcome. I take the position that if I am incorrect or out of line
as to my observations, I certainly want to be corrected, that said I
will continue on…
>> In chapter 4 starting on pg. 111-116 on the subject of PHYSICS, Scott
talks about the laws of Thermodynamics which are essentially a set of
fundamental laws that govern how things exist and operate within the
Universal creation. I’ve looked a lot at the subject of Thermodynamics
over the last few years in an effort to try and understand it more
perfectly and have found as have others that Scott’s observations and
break down of the subject matter provides one of the best overviews on
the subject of Evolution and its relationship to the principles of
thermodynamics that is currently available. I’ve also found it to be the
most easy to understand for a lay person.
>> We will confine our discussion to the 1st and 2nd laws of
thermodynamics starting on pg. 111, 1st paragraph. Scott Huse wrote:
These two laws are proven scientific laws that have been tested
repeatedly under all types of systems. No reputable scientist doubts
their validity and full applicability.
>> The 1st law of thermodynamics is called the law of energy
conservation. It states that energy can be converted from one form to
another, but it can neither be created nor destroyed. This law teaches
conclusively that the universe did not create itself. Although
scientists cannot account for the origin of energy and matter or why it
is conserved. It is clear that only God can create, man can only
refashion pre-existing materials.
>> The 2nd law of thermodynamics is known as the law of energy decay.
The law can be expressed in several different ways, all of which can be
shown to be equivalent. The 3 most important thermodynamic applications
are as follows:
>> Classical: The energy available for useful work in a functioning
system tends to decrease, even though the total energy remains the same.
>> Statistical: The organized complexity (order) of a structured system
tends to become disorganized and random (disorder).
>> Informational: The information conveyed by a communicating system
tends to become distorted and incomplete.
>> The key point here is that every material or physical system left to
its own devices tends to move from order to disorder. In other words,
the universe is proceeding in a downward, degenerating direction of
decreasing organization. Material possessions deteriorate and all living
organisms eventually return to the dust of the earth or source (Spirit)
from whence they originated. All processes of nature have a tendency
toward decay and disintegration. This overall increase in disorder is
called the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
>> What the principles of thermodynamics is telling us is that as you
get further and further away from the source from which the creation had
its origin, things become more distorted.
>> When we examine the thermodynamic laws of nature that were brought
out by Scott Huse in relation to the abandonment of the gospel or good
news that was given by Yahshua and confirmed by the Apostles and lastly
Dr. Kinley in comparative analysis to the current teachings of
progressivism as taught by the leadership of the IDMR, (here in the
material realm) some interesting parallels reveal themselves. From what
I see, this clearly shows the mystery of righteousness and the mystery
of iniquity at work in our spiritual assembly as well as in the rest of
the world in these last days.
>> I take the position that when one abandons the source of his
understanding of the purpose of Yahweh, which comes from Yahshua the
Messiah, one is saying directly or indirectly that this gospel is
obsolete and insufficient. They declare that by abandoning it, one will
be taken to a higher level of understanding. By doing this, they are
ignorantly acknowledging that they have separated or distanced
themselves from Yahweh, Elohim and Yahshua the Messiah, the source from
which all perfect knowledge and understanding flows. The end result is a
distorted or decayed version of the gospel or good news as we see
manifest throughout Christianity and among our so called progressive
brothers who have altered the truth to fit their distorted doctrine.
>> Just as evolution is a contradiction to the thermodynamic laws of
nature, likewise progressivism is a contradiction to the universal law
of the spirit, both of which represent a degeneration or moving away
from perfection. Which means that both concepts are false teachings and
will ultimately lead to the same end result, decay, death and
>> Example: In the natural system of communication; let’s say we have
two people, one who initiates the communication and the other who
receives the communication. When one remains close to the source of the
initial communication, he can see and hear clearly. As one gets further
from the source, one’s ability to see and hear the message communicated
becomes more and more distorted. This results in a degeneration of our
ability to see and hear clearly. In like manner, Yahweh is the source
from which all knowledge and understanding flows and it is he that
defines how we are to hear him and communicate with him. So when we
distance ourselves or separate ourselves through erroneous or false
doctrine, his message of life eternal becomes distorted. Draw near unto
Yahweh and he will draw near unto you! If we distance ourselves from
him, he will distance himself from us!!
>> Yahweh in his infinite wisdom, purposed us to be able to understand
and hear him through Yahshua the Messiah our King, High Priest and only
intercessor; through the preaching of the true gospel of the kingdom.
Now that’s the way he set it up and Yahweh does not change!
Progressivism is a clear distortion and degeneration of the true gospel
of the Kingdom that will only result in death. The further anyone gets
away from the true and original gospel of Yahshua the Messiah, the more
distorted their message will become until there is no resemblance to the
original truth. This is what you are seeing as a result of the
progressive doctrine, because they have departed from the truth. They
are left with no alternative other than to alter the class charts, tell
the brethren that the text books are obsolete and not rely on the bible
and other resources that explain the founder’s vision and revelation. In
other words, they are changing or altering the true gospel that comes
from the source from which all knowledge flows.
>> The Apostle Paul spoke to this in his epistle to Galatia (Gal. 3rd
>> 1Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Yahshua the
Messiah, and Yahweh the Father, who raised him from the dead
>> 2And all the brethren which are with me, unto the assemblies of
>> 3Grace be to you and peace from Yahweh the Father, and from Yahshua
the Messiah,
>> 4Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this
present evil world, according to the will of Elohim and our Father:
>> 5To whom be glory for ever and ever. Halleluyah.
>> 6I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into
the grace of the Messiah unto another gospel:
>> 7Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would
pervert the gospel of the Messiah.
>> 8But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto
you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
>> 9As we said before, so say I now again, if any man preach any other
gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.
>> 10For do I now persuade men, or Elohim? or do I seek to please men?
for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Yahshua.
>> 11But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of
me is not after man.
>> 12For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by
the revelation of Yahshua the Messiah.
>> Brethren, Yahweh does not change (Mal. 3:6) and they are clearly
saying through their alteration of doctrinal facts that Yahweh does
change. Who should I believe Yahweh or the progressivists of the IDMR,
“I choose Yahweh”. Their actions point them out as the continuation of
the satanic mystery of iniquity in the true spiritual assembly of
Yahshua the Messiah (IDMR) here on earth.
>> This lie that our progressive leaders are using to deceive our
assembly (the spiritual bride of the 2nd man Adam or Yahshua the Messiah
here at the end of Yahweh’s purpose in the natural) is the same lie that
was told to Eve (the bride of the 1st man Adam at the beginning of
Yahweh’s purpose in the natural). Essentially what they are saying is:
you don’t need to call on Yahshua… just worship Dr. Kinley, it’s the
same thing… it will make you wise “you won’t surely die”, you don’t need
to go to the law and the prophets as Yahweh instructed (Isa. 8:20) and
confirmed by Yahshua throughout his ministry. They say; we are taking
you beyond that stuff that Yahshua said was to be preached for salvation
and was confirmed by the Apostles and lastly by Dr. Henry C. Kinley here
at the end of the age.
>> The current international Dean of the IDMR has set himself up to be
like the most high. He has made decrees that declare that he has the
power to disannul everything taught in the scriptures and bypass Yahshua
and appoint Dr. Kinley as the Saviour. He and his host declare that, Dr.
Kinley is gone now and has left him in charge so you all must obey him.
Does this message sound familiar? Just like the Pope, the head of the
IDMR, is saying He is going to take or progress us beyond what the
Apostles and even Dr. Kinley himself taught, which was that salvation
and forgiveness of sin can only be received through obedience to the
principles and doctrine of Yahshua the Messiah.
>> The proponents of progressivism cannot go to any scriptures, any
audio recording or transcripts of Dr. Kinley’s lectures to justify or
validate any of their erroneous doctrine. They are lying on HCK and more
importantly, they are lying and blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, who
is Yahshua the Messiah.
>> Let’s go back to the law and the prophets, which the IDMR leadership
has also declared is obsolete and unnecessary to receive an
understanding. According to Yahweh’s predetermined purpose, he raised up
Moses, a goodly man and gave him a stupendous vision, revelation and
instructions (Ex. 3rd chapter) to deliver physical Israel from physical
Egypt, into the physical holy place. Later after carrying out Yahweh’s
commandments as instructed, Moses by the hand of Yahweh, brought them
into the wilderness (Holy Place) according to the pattern and Yahweh
gave them the 10 commandment law, ordinances and the ministration of the
physical tabernacle to govern them. Yahweh had the children of Israel
remain there for 40 years. During their sojourn in the wilderness, they
received instruction in how they were to serve him according to his
(Yahweh’s) righteousness. The summation of the lesson plan that Yahweh
gave to physical Israel is this: Obey Yahweh’s instruction and live,
disobey Yahweh’s instruction and you will surely die!!!
>> Brethren, we must take the natural or things we can see to understand
the things we cannot see (Rom. 1:19-20). We are spiritual Israel, our
Saviour Yahshua the Messiah told us to stand in the Holy Place (Matt. 24
chapter: whoso ever readeth, let him understand). Yahshua at the end of
this age raised up Dr. Henry C. Kinley, a goodly man, and gave him a
stupendous vision and revelation, instructing him to bring us out of
spiritual Egypt (carnality) and into the spiritual holy place, (a
knowledge and understanding of Yahshua) wherein we were instructed to
stand. Just as Moses instructed physical Israel in the physical law, Dr.
Kinley instructed us in the spiritual law. The summation of the
spiritual law that we received from Yahshua by way of Dr. Kinley, is the
same as the summation of the physical or natural law received from
Yahshua by way of Moses, at that time: Obey Yahweh’s instruction and
live, disobey Yahweh’s instruction and you will surely die!!!
>> During the time of Moses, it certainly looked like it was Moses that
was delivering the children of physical Israel. But we know because of
Dr. Kinley’s vision and revelation, that it was really Yahshua that
delivered physical Israel from bondage. At the appointed time according
to Yahweh’s purpose, Moses had to be cut off because only Yahshua
himself could take them across to inherit the promised land (a type of
heaven). In like manner, although it looked like it was Dr. Kinley
delivering our assembly or spiritual Israel into the spiritual holy
place (where we now await the call to cross over) it was really Yahshua
that delivered us. Just as Moses, had to decrease, that Yahshua might
increase, likewise Dr. Kinley had to decrease that Yahshua might
increase in us (Yahshua in you is your hope of glory) and lead spiritual
Israel (those in our assembly who have kept the faith) through the 2nd
veil and into Heaven itself.
>> What we must understand that Yahshua was always the real power behind
both Moses and Dr. Kinley. It is Yahshua in us here at the end of this
spiritual age that will take us through the 2nd veil and into the true
promised land or heaven (of which Canaan Land was a type).
>> That message cannot change with us here at the end of Yahweh’s
purpose because Yahweh is the same yesterday, today and forever, as
stated previously, he does not change.
>> Many of natural or physical Israel surely died according to Yahweh’s
purpose for disobedience back then. Just as many will surely die here at
the end of Yahweh’s purpose in this spiritual age for disobedience.
Yahweh does not change, the tabernacle pattern does not change, your
body does not change, the seasons of the year have not changed since the
beginning of Yahweh’s purpose. The way of salvation has not changed!!!
But satanically motivated folks want us to believe all of a sudden that
Yahweh decided to change the way of salvation and the only supporting
evidence offered is… because Dr. Kinley left them in charge. We agree,
but he also told him/them to preach the same gospel that was taught
since the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of this age,
that he, Dr. Kinley also preached tirelessly during his entire
>> In the true spiritual assembly in Heaven, Satan was the anointed
Cherub (Ezk. 28: 14). Is the international Dean of the IDMR reflecting
himself as a type of the anointed cherub that was in Heaven, here in the
true spiritual assembly here on earth? It’s a fair question given that
his conduct mirrors the actions of the anointed cherub in the spiritual
assembly that was in Heaven and we all know the result of that was… he
and his satanic host were cast out.
>> Likewise, given the fact that this world is the visible
representation of the Satanic kingdom on earth (remember Satan is
copycatting or mirroring Yahshua’s Kingdom in Heaven, wherein he and his
Satanic Host were cast out for unrighteousness). We are seeing the
leadership here in the true spiritual assembly here on earth (IDMR)
making their preparations to mirror in iniquity the expulsion that
occurred within the assembly in heaven. Wherein, they (the unrighteous
portion of our assembly) now are seeking to cast out those of us who
have kept the faith (the righteous portion of our assembly) here in the
true spiritual assembly on earth.
>> Brethren, we are seeing in our assembly the manifestation of the two
mysteries within the purpose of Yahweh, the mystery of righteousness and
the mystery of iniquity. Through the preaching of the true gospel of
Yahshua the Messiah that we received at the end of this age through Dr.
Kinley’s divine vision and revelation, we have come to recognize the
erroneous doctrines of the world. Dr. Kinley pulled the covers off all
of the worldly religions and exposed Satan operating there and he
(Satan) can’t deceive us with that one anymore. But what about the
serpent in our own house? Like the one described in Amos 5:19: As if a
man did flee from a LION, and a bear met him; or went into the house,
and leaned his hand on the wall, and a serpent bit him. As I see it,
that lion and bear are like the beasts or erroneous doctrine of this
world that we have escaped from, but the serpent in our own house, we
have a tendency to overlook!
>> Near the end of physical Israel’s sojourn in the wilderness (Holy
Place) “Yahweh sent fiery serpents among them” and many died (Numbers
21:4-6). Dr. Kinley discussed this in Vol. 4 pg 34 top paragraph.
>> Yahweh told Moses to make and erect a brazen serpent upon a pole and
whosoever was bitten could look upon it and be healed. Many were so
stiff necked they would not look upon it and died. In fact, of those who
originally came out of Egypt, only Caleb, Eleazar, Phinehas and of
course Yahshua (Joshua) entered the promised land, the rest were those
born in the Holy Place or wilderness. Just as it is today, we (spiritual
Israel) are nearing the end of our sojourn in this spiritual wilderness
or Holy Place and just as those fiery serpents were among physical
Israel, Yahweh, likewise has sent them among us, the assembly of
spiritual Israel. Just as they had to recognize or look at what was
plaguing them, we likewise had better look at what is plaguing us
(Satan) so we can repent and be healed. The manifestations have changed,
but the spiritual principles that are imparitive for you to see have
remained the same.
>> Brethren, we must recognize that Satan is present in the spiritual
assembly of Israel today; he was present in the physical assembly of
Israel back then and his presence was revealed or made manifest by their
conduct; just as his presence is revealed or manifest today, in our
conduct. Yahshua said every tree is known by the fruit it bares (Matt. 7
chapter)!!! I am simply looking at the fruit of the progressive
proponents within the IDMR and calling it as I see it and their
progressive doctrine is “corrupt fruit”.
>> Brethren, our task is to determine what mystery we are looking at so
that we can discern and  avoid being deceived by Lucifer the serpent or
Satan and his demons operating the mystery of iniquity here on earth in
these last days! Dr. Kinley took us through the 1st veil as instructed
of Yahshua, into the spiritual Holy Place, just as Moses who was
instructed by Yahshua, took physical Israel through the 1st veil (Red
Sea) and into the physical Holy Place. Where we are supposed to be
standing (Matt. 24 chapter) and receiving the true Manna that Physical
Israel received in a type. Just as physical Israel wasn’t happy with the
Angels food that Yahweh gave them and craved the flesh, (Psalms 78).
Many within spiritual Israel or our assembly today are tired of the true
Manna from Heaven, which is the true gospel of the kingdom. They
likewise crave the flesh and have fulfilled that craving by worshipping
Dr. Kinley instead of Yahshua and abandoning the true gospel.
>> Dr. Kinley repeatedly said during his ministry, “I AM NOT YOUR
SAVIOUR”! He taught that there was only one name given for salvation and
that name is Yahshua (Acts 4:10-12)
>> In the purpose of Yahweh, you have the kingdom of Yahweh in heaven
and you have the Satanic kingdom here on earth, As stated previously,
the Satanic Kingdom on earth is a mirror image in iniquity of the
righteous kingdom of Yahweh, Elohim and Yahshua the Messiah, which is in
heaven. It is imperative that we understand this, because Satan is a
copy cat. Remember, Satan said that he said he would be like the most
>> Remember the story of Jacob and Esau, who were twins by Rebekah, they
represented the mystery of righteousness and the mystery of iniquity
(Gen. 25:21). Esau, the hairy man represented the beast man of sin and
the mystery of Iniquity. Jacob represented the mystery of righteousness.
Just as Esau lifted his heel against his brother while they were being
born from below (after the flesh) and later sold his birth right,
likewise our progressive brothers (mighty men of old in the assembly)
are our twin brothers and have lifted their heel against us (their
brethren in Yahshua) who have held fast to the true an only gospel of
the kingdom. They have sold their spiritual birth right as Esau and
later Judas sold his birthright for 30 pieces of silver. Dr. Kinley
talked about this in the text books, volume 4, under the caption:
>> Esau Prefiguring The Satanic Beast Man or Man of Sin
>> Isaac became the father of twins, Esau and Jacob, by Rebekah (see
Gen. 25:21). And when her (Rebekah's) days to be delivered were
fulfilled, behold there were twins in her womb. And the first came out
red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau, And
after that came his brother out, and his hand took hold on Esau's HEEL:
and his name was called Jacob: And the boys grew: and Esau was a cunning
hunter, a man of the field; and Jacob was a plain man, dwelling in tents
(see Gen. 25:24-27).
>> Esau, the first born of the twins with the robust, hairy body (like
the body of the Natural Brute Beast, without the Spirit of
Righteousness, see 2 Pet. 2 :12-19, prefigured the Satanic body of the
"Beast Man of Sin" and "Sold" his birthright to Jacob for a MORSEL of
BREAD and LENTILES and he did EAT and DRINK (see Gen. 25:30-34).
>> By Esau selling his birthright for a morsel of bread, under that
Dispensation between Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or before the Law was
given, prefigures the betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot, with Satan
incarnated in him, that the scriptures might be fulfilled, "I speak not
of you all: I know whom I have chosen: but that the scripture may be
fulfilled, He that EATETH BREAD with me hath lifted up HIS HEEL AGAINST
ME"-see John 13:18 and also Psa. 41:9 and Matt 26:19-25).
>> Remember Satan left his created estate and was cast out of Heaven
(see Jude 6 and 2 Pet. 2:4) and as Eve was persuaded by Satan to TOUCH
and EAT of the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and
Evil; likewise Satan and his ministers, or his so-called Priests are
causing the people to BE DECEIVED and "Sell" their Spiritual Birthright
by Teaching them to believe that they are Transubstantiating the Bread
and Wine into the actual physical Body and Blood of Christ. In so doing,
they are EATING and DRINKING damnation to themselves, not discerning the
Lord's Body (see 1 Cor. 11:29), which they falsely claim they are
administering at the so-called Sacramental Altar in the Roman Catholic
Church. (end)
>> In like manner the proponents of progressivism in our assembly have
taken the gospel of Yahshua the Messiah which was preached before the
foundations of the world and before the material universe was set in
place and have decided to refashion it to fit their erroneous doctrine.
They are essentially declaring that the gospel as preached from the
beginning and confirmed by Yahshua, the Apostles and lastly Dr. Kinley
here at the end of this age is imperfect and obsolete.
>> Their doctrine infers that the gospel is no good as is and has
evolved or changed and that they are leading us to the perfected
understanding of Yahweh’s purpose. When in fact, when one examines their
doctrine in the context of universal spirit law, it is found to be a
direct contradiction to spirit law and the purpose of Yahweh in
>> Just as evolution is a direct contradiction to the natural law and
order of the physical universe and declares that the world is still
evolving, the Satanic
>> leadership of the (IDMR) and it’s assemblage of lying witnesses infer
through their erroneous doctrine that the gospel is likewise evolving
and we should not believe Yahweh’s report. But it is clear to anyone
with the eyes to see that both will surely lead you to death and
>> Brethren, Yahweh is perfection itself. He is the source, substance,
limits and bounds of everything. He is intelligence, wisdom, knowledge,
love, beauty, justice, foundation, power and strength. He doesn’t just
have these attributes, he is the very source and substance from which
these attributes originate and that each of us is allowed to manifest in
accordance to the measure of our gift.
>> Although much more can be said on this subject, let me conclude by
saying this, we all know that the brightest light of the night sky is
the Moon. Although it appears glorious, we know that in reality it is a
dead planet and has no light of its own. It receives its light from the
reflection of the Sun. It looks like it has light or glory of its own,
but it really doesn’t. In like manner, progressivism is like the Moon.
It is a false light for those who are the children of the night, a dead
doctrine and any light or glory that appears to emanate from it, comes
from  the true Son and true light of the world, Yahshua the Messiah.
>> My progressive brethren, come out of the darkness of progressivism.
Embrace the true light, salvation is with the children of the day.
Repent before it is too late and let the glorious light of Yahshua the
Messiah shine within you. I see you as terminally ill in the spirit and
sometimes a shock to the heart is necessary to save the patient.
>> We’re praying for you…
>> Allan Carter

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