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Monday, January 10, 2011

Conference Call - January 2, 2011 Mystery of Inquity

Scripture Lesson:  I Thessalonians 2nd Chapter    
Topic:    A brief re-cap of last week’s call which was on the topic “What is the true Gospel of the kingdom?”  The scripture lesson was I Corin 15th Chapter to lead into the discussion.  Several points were discussed which leads us into tonight’s topic of discussion.
We were admonished by James Young to be respectful of the order of the call.  I do understand that we all enjoy having a lively discussion.  As the moderator, I will reserve the right to mute all the participants on the call if the discussion gets too overbearing with more than one thing being discussed.  Everyone keep in mind, it is my desire and I hope everyone else on the call, that the call will continue to increase in participants as well as those who want to participate in the discussion.  With that said, we don’t want anyone to feel like you will be attacked if you bring up something for consideration.  What has happened to all of us is we have all been victims to some degree of someone else striving for mastery at the expense of others or someone overpowering you with their particular position and not willing to consider yours.  So we as a nucleus, must be willing to follow the instructions of the call but also be comfortable enough to participate in the discussion.  All of Yahweh’s purpose constitutes a healthy balance so we can all be perfected in our understanding.  So as moderator, I’ll endeavor to maintain that healthy balance.  With that said, we do need to discuss the Mystery of Iniquity and if and how it is operating as of now.  More specifically, some believe there is no actual devil or adversary, some believe the works of the devil have been destroyed and some believe the Mystery of Iniquity does have an operation right now.  We would like for everyone to participate in the discussion based on what you know and understand about this topic.  You can listen here to the full discussion . . .

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