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Monday, January 10, 2011

IDMR Now Flatter than a Fritter - No End of the World in 2010!!! (revised)

A prophecy was made by Dr. Heresies that we would not go beyond 2010 because according to Dr. Heresies' calculations - Dr. Kinley declared the world ended in 1960 and there would not be another Jubilee year.  Therefore, we would not see another Year of Jubilee which is 50 years.  So the world, according to Dr. Heresies, would not go beyond 2010.   So I don't know why these people still follow this lying prophet.  All of his prophecies of have failed - beginning with 1996 (which he did a newspaper interview declaring that would be the end) - corrected to 2,000 (because of the 4-year error) and this last pathetic prediction of 2010.   It's seems that everyone who has drunk the schoolaide in IDMR has been lulled back to sleep and have forgotten the simplistic way that we were all given to identify a true prophet of Yahweh - if their prophecy does not come to pass - you don't have to listen to this prophet - it means they went but they were not sent of Yahweh - plain and simple! (for verification of this please read Deut 13:1-5)   Brother Anthony Williams had already written to the assemblies warning them of this pathetic erroneous prophecy announced by Dr. Heresies would most certainly fail. 
IDMR has fallen flatter than fritter!   Many of the Deans have given up their deanships - not able to make any sense of this erroneous doctrine so they are impotent in their ability to preach it.  None of them want to be responsible for misquoting or misapplying this new-fangled doctrine in their schools because that could result in heavy persecution from Dr. Heresies himself.  Of course, the students can't make any sense of the doctrine that's why most schools who advocate it have to have 4 to 7 speakers to get through a 2-hour class.   Deans and students in large numbers have migrated to hindquarters to sit at the feet of Bar Jesus so they can get direct doses of the schoolaide.  It has gotten so putrid that 2-weeks ago Dr. Heresies commanded the entire school to stand up "If they had not gotten their understanding from him!"   Excuse me, Dr. Heresies, this group DOESN'T HAVE ANY UNDERSTANDING - THAT'S WHY NO ONE STOOD UP!!!   That's right, Dr. Heresies NOW has a full consensus in hindquarters that everyone has gotten all progressive revelations from him and he passes them on from Dr. Kinley who he speaks to at the breakfast table over coffee!!  Wow!  Don't tell me Yahweh is not still in the business of sending STRONG DELUSIONS!!!
Dr. Heresies has been able to convince these malnourished souls that there is now more than ONE NAME under heaven by which one can be saved because according to Dr. Heresies no one even knew the savior's name when he walked the earthplane - even though IDMR's moderation states - "The simple, yet INTELLIGENT question that we should ask ourselves is, "What was the name of the savior during the time he walked the earthplane?"  So it is evident that these souls CANNOT provide an answer to a SIMPLE yet INTELLIGENT question because they have bought Dr. Heresies' explanation that Yahshua was not known by his name but only by the title Emmanuel when he walked the earthplane - so  I'll make a prophecy of my own - it just stands to reason, hindquarters will soon be revising the moderation to comply with Dr. Heresies' regressive repulsive doctrine.
For those who can't stand the truth conveyed in this manner - too bad - this is absolutely pitiful for a teaching that Dr. Kinley said was the panacea of the world that Dr. Heresies' main advocates are dropping like flies and/or ending up institutionalized.   With a record like this - these folks would have been better off in Christianity - or certainly their latter state is far worse than their first!!!   They began with Yahshua the Messiah "is come" as a quickening spirit and they have ended up on the tarrying bench waiting for a birthed son "to come" named Henry Clifford Kinley!   As John described it I John 4:1-3 these souls are Anti-Messiah.  Yes, IDMR has fallen flatter than a fritter - if anyone has any sense at all instead of "come out of Babylon" - YOU NEED TO RUN OUT OF BABBLE ON!!!
So sad but so glad Yahshua opened my eyes before it was eternally too late!!!  I hope and pray that someone reading this, Yahshua grant you the courage by the holy spirit to see that the majority of the schools in IDMR have left the sincere preaching of the true gospel of the kingdom that is unto salvation and instead are promoting a doctrine that is hate filled and unto damnation.
My prayer for IDMR is that they might be saved.  HalleluYah!

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