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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Conference Call - February 24, 2011 Lesson No. 7 - The Effectiveness of the Gospel

Scripture Lesson - John 15th Chapter

We discussed the effectiveness of the gospel.  It is evident many have become dull of hearing and tired of the repetition of the gospel - not knowing the effectiveness of it.  We discussed how this was to strengthen our faith in Yahweh and the operation of his purpose.  The teaching was never to make us smart or think we were better than others.  It should have moved us to preach the glad tidings or "good news" to everyone we encounter, friend or enemy.  If you're given a gift and you don't appreciate it - most people take it and trade it in or exchange it for something else they prefer.  When you do that you never get to appreciate the gift that was initially given to you.   Listen to the complete discussion here . . .


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