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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Unknown Phenomenon Appearing in the Heavens (HCK mentions this)

Excerpt from God the Archetype, by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley, copyright 1961, Comparative Exegetical Analysis, page 41

3. Here lies the ANSWER and TRUE FACTS in the case. The very existence of the UNIVERSE, itself, and limited scientific KNOWLEDGE of its cosmographical structure and perpetual operation of its "Incorporeal and Material" parts actually proves that it is DERIVED from UNIVERSAL SPIRIT - and that it IS controlled with unerring accuracy by inviolable and unobstructable SPIRIT LAW. For example, Man, from his very earliest inception until this present time, cannot point out ONE single error or miscarriage of this infallible and ALMIGHTY SPIRIT LAW.

Year after year the planets still continue to operate in the same way, constantly bringing about day and night and the seasons of the year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. By no possible chance or error have they ever been removed from their orbit, bumped into each other and exchanged day for night or disrupted the primordial order of the seasons. It is possible that “phenomenon” heretofore unknown to mankind may appear to us in or among the Heavenly bodies for the first time in history; but no one can proclaim with justification or prove that this phenomenal parade in the ethereal space of the Universe is an error or miscarriage of the Universal SPIRIT LAW, because it was and still is only our IGNORANCE of this presence and the true fundamental principles involved in the operation. Neither can anyone truthfully say that the "thought vibrations" of ALL living creatures impressed upon the presumed to exist, SUBCONSCIOUS MIND had anything to do with their existence, categorical operation, and timely phenomenal manifestation.

This very same immutable SPIRIT LAW which formed and caused the seed of the fruit and vegetable kingdoms to exist controls the survival and perpetuation of these "kingdoms" through the Ages by the direct process of periodical maturity and reproduction. But MIND, whatsoever IT IS said to BE, had absolutely nothing to do with the origin of the seeds or the mathematical calculation as to how many different varieties there was to be in existence, nor their natural characteristics and adaptation to environments. For example: The farmer plants the seed in the "ground" and goes away and lets it alone. His concentrated thought vibrations and impressions" upon his, presumed to exist, SUBCONSCIOUS MIND will not effect the productive capacities or quality of the seed or promote the maturity of the fruit and vegetables. However, after he plants his seeds he lets them alone and, if NOT OTHERWISE OBSTRUCTED, they will grow into fruition in abundance. At this point let us completely remove the farmer from the case and discuss the seed and the ground.

Now, can it be truthfully said that the seeds of vegetation are CONSCIOUS of the fact that they are planted and they know how to appeal their case to the so-called powerful, ramified activity of the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to rear them to maturity? Or, is the ground CONSCIOUS of the fact that the seed is planted therein and IT immediately begins to involve the activity of the SUBC0NSCIOUS MIND to nurse the seeds to fruition? Let us recapitulate. Both you and I KNOW that MIND has absolutely nothing to do with what takes place on the part of the seeds themselves or the ground in which the seeds are planted. For example several comparisons with the three-fold Godhead and the so-called Great Master Mind" of the Universe etc., shall be made.

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