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Monday, March 28, 2011

Conferencee Call - March 27, 2011 - The Repetition of Yahweh's Purpose

Scripture Lesson:  Judges 2nd Chapter

This discussion was drawn from the events in Judges 2nd Chapter and how the Children of Israel "gradually" moved away from their worship of Yahweh to taking on the worship idol worship of the nations Joshua (correctly "Yahshua") left in Caanan's Land (symbolical of heaven) to try them.  A generation grew up of the Children of Israel that knew not Yahweh and neither the works that he had done for the Children of Israel taking them from their bondage in Egypt and caring for them 40 years in the Wilderness of Sinai.  The Children of Israel had not rehearsed or repeated the testimony of Yahweh to their children and these things were forgotten.  Just as now the people in IDMR no longer remember or care to talk about the very things they once valued in this teaching and instead prefer the idol worship of Henry Clifford Kinley and worshipping the creature above the creator.   Also read and discussed at length was "Minster's Meeting Summary" (dated 6/84-4/86 by Dr. Robert Harris) which describes how the ministry should be conducting themselves and the doctrine of the school - which none of these things are adhered to currently by the majority of the ministers in I.D.MR., including Dr. Robert Harris.  Listen to the entire discussion here . . .


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